Anthony Dolittle
Officer Dolittle
Aliases None
Social Rank N/A
Gender Male
Age Adult
Status Alive
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Cardington police officer
Voice actor None

Officer Anthony Dolittle is a member of the Cardington Police. He does not appear on screen in Rule of Rose, but is the one to reply to one of the letters of Martha Carol; cook and cleaning lady of the Rose Garden Orphanage, and is mentioned by Jennifer in the "Once Upon a Time" chapter.

In game

Martha attempts to contact the police after witnessing the strange behavior of Wendy and Gregory M. Wilson. She writes them numerous letters addressing the odd happenings, and eventually receives a single letter back from Officer Dolittle.

20 October 1930

RE: Mr. Gregory Wilson

Dear Ma’am,

Please forgive the delay in our response. In your letter, you reported suspicious activity on the part of Mr. Gregory Wilson. After investigating the matter, we have come to the following conclusion. There is little to indicate that the said individual is connected to the recent kidnappings. Mr. Wilson is father to a son who closely matches the description in your letters. Therefore, we have determined that there is insufficient evidence to warrant further investigation. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in the matter.

Anthony Dolittle, Cardington Police

It is also stated by Jennifer herself that after the orphanage massacre, Officer Dolittle is the one who escorts her from the crime scene and takes her to safety.


The surname "Dolittle" is a play on words, as he "did little" to help Martha and the orphans in their time of need.

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