Boarding Pass
Found with N/A
Find Target N/A
Location Rickety Shed
Chapter The Little Princess
Purpose Unlocks path to orphanage
A small slip of paper with "Boarding Pass" written on it.

The Boarding Pass is the first item in Rule of Rose. Jennifer finds it in the Rickety Shed in the first chapter of the game along with the Dog Collar. She must then go around the mansion where she will find a door next to a slot with the words "NO ONE ALLOWED WITHOUT A PASS" over it. The player must then use the pass on the slot, after which, the door will open and the mansion is accessible.

The pass appears as a small rectangular piece of slightly faded paper with the words "BOARDING PASS" and "RED CRAYON ARISTOCRATS" written on it in crayon. A fish representing the airship is also drawn on the paper, along with a rose.


Rickety Shed