The jar of butterflies.

The butterflies are the first gift that Jennifer has to give to the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club to appease them.


Green Butterfly


The tattered and dead butterfly.

The green butterfly is the first butterfly that Jennifer spots. She follows the butterfly up the staircase to the Guest Room Hall, and finds it dead and tattered, with Olivia crying over it. When Jennifer attempts to pick it up, Olivia shoves a fork into the ground and walks away. It is possible that Olivia killed the butterfly with the fork so that she would have something to cry over, thus receiving attention. When Jennifer takes the dead butterfly over to the gift box, it is harshly rejected by the Aristocrats. They then demand her to find a "beautiful, beautiful butterfly."

Brown Butterfly


Amanda smiling at the butterfly.

The brown butterfly is the second butterfly that Jennifer spots, and is first seen in a butterfly case that Amanda is examining. When Jennifer approaches her, Amanda becomes extremely protective over it, exclaiming "I found this butterfly! It's mine! I won't give it to you! I won't lose to you!" When Jennifer exits the room and starts to walk away, Amanda runs out of the room with the butterfly cupped in her hands, and gazes at it with a giddy and catatonic expression on her face. She then runs away.

Blue Butterfly


The blue butterfly.

The blue butterfly is the third and last butterfly that Jennifer spots. She first sees it in the Three-Leaf Clover room, where Brown finds it on the floor, after which, it flies away. Jennifer follows it, and as she does, it seems to multiply into many other butterflies. However, when she exits the room to the Guest Room Hall, one butterfly appears, perched on the wall. The butterfly flies around the room while the Imps beat Martha's body. The butterfly then dies when it flies into the ceiling light, and falls to the ground. The Imps then emerge to attack Jennifer, and she quickly picks up the butterfly and flees to the First Class Residence. There, she spots Amanda putting her butterfly into the gift box, and after, does the same. After this, there is a short conversation heard on the other side of the door, in which the children seem to be contemplating whether to let Jennifer in or not. The door then opens and Jennifer is shoved inside. She then gets up off the floor and sees the Aristocrats positioning themselves on the altar. During this, a jar of butterflies is shown, meaning that Jennifer's efforts to retrieve the butterfly was in vain. Diana then goes up to Jennifer and cruelly states that her gift has no worth.

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