Club Room

Jennifer in the club room.

The Club Room is the meeting room of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club. It is located in the attic of the Rose Garden Orphanage and the lounge of the airship. The Club Room is where the Aristocrats hold meetings, gather or punish people.

Offerings can be made at the room's door by being inserted into a shabby Gift Box in the middle of the door which, most of the time, has a poster of the monthly gift above it. The player can also offer other things throughout the game other than monthly gifts, such as Marbles, Socks, and Clothespins.

Inside the club room in the attic of the Rose Garden Orphanage is a normal attic, with candles lining a sort of walkway to a bunch of boxes stacked on top of each other, covered in a white sheet, and has chairs on it with rose petals around the candles also on it.

Inside the club room in the airship is the same thing, only more formal. The room in the background is too dark to see anything, but there is the same set up: chairs, white sheet, candles, and in addition, a red carpet in between the candles.

In the beginning, when Jennifer peeks inside the door, she is kicked inside by an unknown child, possibly Wendy disguised as Joshua. Inside the room, Jennifer is often talked to by Diana or Wendy/Joshua.

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