The Daily Flamingo Newspaper is a tabloid newspaper in Rule of Rose. Different dated articles can be found throughout the game, giving clues and hints to the player about the story. It is possible that because they are featured in the game, Jennifer had read them during her life.


Date Articles Chapter Area
25 April 1929 The World’s Largest Airship to Take Flight

In anticipation of the coming era of airship travel, Britain announced the completion of the world’s largest airship. In its long awaited first flight, it will lift off at Cardington and fly to India by way of London. All of Britain eagerly awaits the inaugural ceremony. Along with the Mayor and the Countess, children from the local orphanage will participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Unlucky Clover Field Smoking room
21 June 1929 Another Unexplained Disappearance

There has been another mysterious disappearance of a child recently. Following missing children reports on the 7th and 14th, police are now investigating this case as both a possible kidnapping and a missing person.

Local residents are advised not to allow children outside unsupervised and to take caution around any suspicious individuals.”

Gingerbread House boarded-off room with sky wallpaper
23 June 1929 Luxury Airship Missing!

England’s largest luxury airship, which just set sail on its virgin flight — a flight celebrated across the country with great fanfare — was reported today to have gone off course and is currently missing.

It is speculated that the vessel diverted from its course to avoid a low pressure system approaching from the south, but its whereabouts are still unknown.

Due to the heavy thunder and rain that have blanketed the area since yesterday, the search for the airship has faced many difficulties.

Gingerbread House Cellar Bedroom
July 21, 1930 Husband “Borrows” 60 Pounds From Wife’s 365-Pound Bank Account. Bird of Happiness Room 26
July 21, 1930 Husband Swipes 60 Pounds From Wife’s 365-Pound Bank Account. Bird of Happiness When you read the above article from your inventory
July 1930 Husband Borrows Yet Another 30 Pounds From Wife’s Bank Account Bird of Happiness Room 9 – Clara’s Cabin
20 December 1930 A tragic multiple homicide has occurred at an orphanage in Cardington resulting in the deaths of all the children housed there.

Among the dead was one adult, Gregory M. Wilson, a local resident. Analysis of the crime scene suggests that Wilson shot himself with a pistol. Police have identified him as their prime suspect in the murders of the children.

Sir Peter/Goat Sisters Smoking Room