Eleanor's Bird
The bird (on the left)
Aliases Bird of Happiness
Social Rank N/A
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Hair color Red
Eye color Black
Occupation Eleanor's companion
Voice actor A bird
The red bird in the cage… The doll Eleanor treasured...

Eleanor's Bird, also known as the Bird of Happiness, is a bird Eleanor normally keeps in a cage.

In the chapter "The Bird of Happiness", Diana and Meg steal the bird for the monthly gift, but apparently accidentally suffocate in the process, and bet if Eleanor would be sad or angry upon finding its corpse. Eleanor did not get mad or sad, however, instead she took the dead bird and put in the monthly gift box with no reaction of emotion.

It can be speculated that the red bird was always a doll, or Eleanor got a doll as a replacement for her dead pet. When Jennifer examines the bird cage on the balcony in the "Once Upon a Time" chapter, she comments, "The red bird in the cage... The doll Eleanor treasured."


Eleanor donating her bird's corpse with no emotion.

The red bird is supposed to bring Eleanor "Eternal Happiness," as it says in the chapter's story book. It is also a possible symbol of Eleanor wanting to leave the orphanage, or escape her life of misery. The moral of the bird dying was "Eternal happiness is a joke."

In the "Once Upon a Time" chapter, Jennifer states that she remembers Eleanor whispering "If only we could fly away like birds and go wherever we wished." However, no matter how much Eleanor wished, she was never able to just fly away from the orphanage. "She was burdened by her own frozen heart..."


  • The bird was killed by Diana and Meg in "The Bird of Happiness" chapter. Strangely enough, however, Eleanor is seen watching the bird fly around in the salon in the "Rag Princess Sews" chapter. The reason for this is unknown but it can be explained away due to the fact the game takes place in a fractured memory.
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