Gregory's Gun
Location Given by Wendy
Chapter Stray Dog and the Lying Princess
Strength High
Range High
There are beautiful engravings on it.

Gregory's Gun is a weapon and item found in Rule of Rose as well as one of the game's major plot devices.

It is given to Jennifer by Wendy before the final boss fight with Stray Dog (Gregory M. Wilson). Jennifer can either:

  • Equip the gun and shoot Stray Dog with the only remaining bullet (and/or attack Stray Dog until he dies), which will result in the Bad Ending
  • Give it to him so that he can suicide in hopes of being with his late son, resulting in the Good Ending. To do this, select "use" in the inventory screen when he says, "I'm sorry, Joshua."

There is another gun weapon in the game, the Revolver, although the revolver is weaker.

Through hacking, it is possible to get "Special Bullets" which are for Gregory's Gun, implying that Gregory's Gun was meant to be an unlockable item with findable bullets, similar to the revolver. However, the developers likely decided not to because it would be redundant with the revolver.


This code works in PCSX2 for the North American version of the game. Hold L1, L2 and L3 and it will appear in the top left corner in the inventory. It comes with 99 ammo, and pressing the buttons again will reset it to 99 ammo.



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