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J's Diary
Found with N/A
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Location N/A
Chapter N/A
Purpose N/A
A shared diary with the letter "J" written on the cover.

J's Diary is an unused memo in Rule of Rose.

It is a shared diary between young Jennifer and Wendy. The drawings of the pages reveal that it is set about the time when Jennifer used to live with Gregory M. Wilson, after her parents died in the accidental air crash.

This item can only be acquired through hacking. It is unknown why it wasn't included in the final version of the game, but there could be a few reasons why:

  • It is written in May, which contracts the timeline of the W & J Letters.
  • The dates of the diary don't follow chronologically (for example, it begins May 1, then jumps to May 7), possibly due to a developer error
  • Rule of Rose was probably rushed and the developers may not have thought of a place to put the diary, or someone accidentally forgot to include it
  • The diary seems to contain lesbian undertones between Jennifer and Wendy (mentioning kisses), and the developers of Rule of Rose may have been uncomfortable with this idea
  • Some of the things mentioned in the diary are already mentioned or expressed in the W & J Letters, and the developers may have felt J's Diary was redundant

Although it is difficult to read the content, some parts can be read when the resolution is boosted in an emulator, however, the original textures are still low-resolution and only fragments can be read.


Part 1


May 1
Hello, little bear.
Do tell me your name.
(drawing of Wendy)

Part 2


May 7
Our own secret flower
garden, hidden behind
the gingerbread house
(drawing of roses)
May 8
? (biscuits, chocolate and candies!(?))
? (Secret garden to go/be _ (?))
(drawing of a house with a path leading to something)

Part 3


May 5
Let's play together
again in secret.
(drawing of Wendy)
May 6
_____ (gingerbread?) _____.
(come?) out into the moonlight.
And meet me behind the gingerbread house.
(drawing of gingerbread house at night)

Part 4


May 4
My name is Joshua
You have freed me from my room(?)
I am (no longer a bear?)
(And so I will be your faithful servant(?))
Now let me kiss you back.(?)
(drawing of Joshua)

Part 5


May 2
My name is Joshua
I shall be your faithful _____ (servant?)
You need only give me a kiss
(drawing of bear)
May 3
Yes, I shall give you a
magic kiss.
(drawing of lips and hearts)

Part 6


May 9
Please, oh please,
(may they guide?) us true!
(drawing of Wendy and Joshua holding hands on a path)