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Jo Wyatt, Jennifer's voice actress

Jo Wyatt is an English actress, voice-over artist, narrator, composer, and singer.

She voices Jennifer in Rule of Rose.


Wyatt was born and raised in the United Kingdom. She started professional acting at age nine on West End and was featured on seven albums by age sixteen. While recording, she was often instructed to "mimic or 'sing in character'." She has also appeared as a television and stage actor, but leans toward voice-over work.

Other roles

Much of the media Wyatt is featured in is marketed towards children. She has lent her voice to be used in various children's television programs, audio books, and commercials. Her voice also appears in other video games. She is most noted for voicing Meyneth in Xenoblade Chronicles but she has also lent her voice to such works as Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3.

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