Joshua the Bear
Found with Bear's Tail
Find Target N/A
Location Basement cellar
First Class Guest Sector
Chapter The Gingerbread House
Rag Princess Sews
Purpose Story item
An adorable teddy bear with a green ribbon tied around its neck.
A beat up teddy whose tail has fallen off.

Joshua the Bear is an item in Rule of Rose.

While locked in Joshua's room in the "Gingerbread House", Jennifer finds the bear by shaking a wardrobe and causing the stuffed animal to fall off the wardrobe and onto the floor. She picks it up and after leaving the house, trades it to Wendy for her brooch. Wendy says they should give it a name and decides to name it after her (Joshua/Jennifer). The bear is representative of Joshua, and in a way, Jennifer as well. It wears a green ribbon, which Joshua also wore.

In the "Rag Princess Sews" chapter, Joshua is stolen by Amanda, who then accuses Wendy of stealing it. The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club puts a message on its door telling its members to find the bear for the monthly gift. After Jennifer finds the Bear's Tail in Amanda's sewing box, Jennifer confronts Amanda and Amanda returns Joshua, however, it becomes stolen again by the mysterious boy. After a long chase, Jennifer finally finds the bear in front of the Club Room and gives it to the Aristocracy. Upon doing so, Jennifer receives a Red Crayon.


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