List of weapons in Rule of Rose.

Findable weapons

  • Dessert Fork
    • "The Unlucky Clover Field" chapter, Passenger Hall (left by Olivia)
  • Paring Knife
    • "The Unlucky Clover Field" chapter, Cafeteria (behind counter)
  • Kitchen Knife
    • "Sir Peter" chapter, Sector 10 Crew Cabin (on table)
  • Steel Pipe
    • "Sir Peter" chapter, Sector 10 Crew Cabin (in the luggage room with the suitcases)
  • Ice Pick
    • "The Goat Sisters" chapter, Freezing Room (with the snowman)
  • Meat Cleaver
    • "The Mermaid Princess" chapter (next to the Fish Head)
  • Shovel
    • "Gingerbread House" chapter, behind Gregory's house
  • Sledgehammer
    • "Rag Princess Sews" chapter, dropped by the Gremlin Imp in Engine 3
  • Lumberjack Axe
    • "The Funeral" chapter, Basement (or) dropped by Rat Imp
  • Gregory's Gun
    • "Stray Dog and the Lying Princess" chapter, given by Wendy

Search quest weapons

  • Rusty Sword
    • Give all 5 knives to the gift box
  • Knight Rapier
    • Give the Rusty Sword to the gift box
  • Stick of Justice
    • Give the King and Queen Coin to the gift box
  • Revolver
    • Find the 4 Perfumes and give them to the gift box. In return, the Secret Room Key is given. The Revolver is found in the secret room.

Costume weapons

  • Master Umbrella
    • Costume unlockable (Gothic Loilita), Four-Leaf Clover Room
  • Master Racket
    • Costume unlockable (Tennis Instructor), Four-Leaf Clover Room
  • Master Syringe
    • Costume unlockable (nurse), Four-Leaf Clover Room
  • Master Sword
    • Costume unlockable (Rag Doll), Four-Leaf Clover Room
  • Master Tuna
    • Costume unlockable (Octopus), Four-Leaf Clover Room.

Hacked weapons