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Martha Carol
The Queen of Cleaning
Aliases The Cleaning Queen
Miss Martha
Social Rank N/A
Gender Female
Age Middle-aged
Status Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Occupation Housekeeper/cook at Rose Garden Orphanage
Voice actor Emma Tate
What are you laughing at, young lady?!
—Martha snapping at Jennifer

Martha Carol is the housekeeper and cook of the Rose Garden Orphanage, and has been dubbed "The Queen of Cleaning" by the members of the Aristocracy. It is rumored by the children that she is a witch.


Although she is a seemingly strict character, she appears to be the only one of the adults who lovingly cares for the orphans.

Martha appears to be very suspicious when she witnesses the strange behavior of Gregory M. Wilson, and sends the police (Anthony Dolittle) numerous letters addressing the subject, stating frequently that the children's safety is at stake. Despite her determination in the matter, her pleas are ignored.


Martha appears to have a dislike of Jennifer, as she addresses her as a "filthy wretch." This could possibly be due to the fact that Jennifer would often neglect her cleaning duties, leaving Martha to be the one to tend to her mess.

Near the end of November, Martha reported Wendy for exhibiting strange actions, as Wendy had been training Gregory M. Wilson to act like a dog. Her last letter ends abruptly. It is possible that Wendy called forth for Martha's death, due to the possibility of Martha revealing her secret. It is also possible that Martha ran away while attempting to finish her letter, under the threat of Wendy or Gregory.

Jennifer mentions when Hoffman left the orphanage in November, Clara and Martha soon followed.

Rule of Rose

Martha, dead.

In the Unlucky Clover Field chapter, Jennifer first encounters Martha cleaning the airship. Later on, Martha is abducted by the Imps and the player must use her hat left behind to find clues. After finding the Blue Butterfly, it is revealed that Martha has been apparently killed by the creatures.

In the Bird of Happiness chapter, the player finds her body tied with rope with a Daily Flamingo Newspaper wrapped around her head in Clara's cabin. Somehow, Martha appears to still be alive as she is seen squirming, although this is never explained in the game. This could simply be a result of Jennifer's subconscious mind.

In the Funeral chapter, she can be found scrubbing a urinal. She appears to be in good health.


The meaning of the name "Martha" is "lady; mistress of the house." This applies to Martha's character very well, seeing as how she was the oldest and most dominant female at the Rose Garden Orphanage, and was in charge of the cooking and cleaning.


  • "Filthy wretch..."
  • "Dirty wretch..."


  • Martha is the only female adult to appear on screen, and is one of the only three adults to appear on screen. She is also one of the only two female adults to be mentioned in the story (Jennifer mentions her mother).
  • Martha is one of the few characters to have her last name revealed.
  • It is somewhat hinted that Martha cared for Clara, and therefore was suspicious of any sexual abuse that Hoffman was inflicting on her. Jennifer points out in the "Once Upon a Time" chapter that Clara looked "scary" when talking to Martha. This could possibly be due to the fact that Martha would often interrogate Clara on the subject of her abuse.
  • Martha's body is secretly hidden in Clara's room.[1][2]
  • Martha has unused standing animations.[3] This may hint she was originally an unused boss.