Mary and Sally

The Goat Sisters, Mary and Sally, are fought as a boss battle near the end of "The Goat Sisters" chapter. The black goat Sally wields a giant pair of scissors, while the white goat Mary wields a pitchfork.


Their weapons are quite deadly, and Jennifer must focus on fighting one sister while at the same time, avoiding the attacks of the other sister. As for the weapon of choice, if the Meat Cleaver was obtained in the "Mermaid Princess" chapter, it can deal good damage and stun a sister's attack. The Ice Pick obtained in the chapter can kill each sister in about 10 hits.


The more powerful black goat with the devil-horns on its head, Sally, most likely represents Diana and her malevolent nature. The white goat most likely represents Meg, and her somewhat misguided nature.


  • The goat sister wielding the giant pair of scissors may be an allusion to Clock Tower's Scissorman.
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