The Wise-Looking Princess
Aliases Princess Meg
The Intellectual
Social Rank Baroness
Gender Female
Age Child
Status Deceased
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Occupation Student/resident at Rose Garden Orphanage
Voice actor Barbara Barnes
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Aristocrat Club! Thank you all for gathering here today!
—Meg, announcing the club meeting.

Margaret, more commonly called Meg, holds the third spot in the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club. Intelligent, but inflexible, she considers herself faultless and carries a notebook containing club rules, notes, and punishment plans with her everywhere. She invents the torture instruments that Jennifer and Amanda are punished with.

Meg adores Diana, and follows her around like a puppy, however this relationship is very one-sided. Meg is usually seen with Diana and Eleanor.


Meg is a resident of Rose Garden Orphanage. She loves to read and is called a "know-it-all" by Jennifer. During the game, Meg can usually be found reading in the library. She is also close to Susan, often helping her read.

Although intelligent, she is still a naive child in many ways and believes Wendy's legend about Stray Dog, just as Diana and the other children do, and takes researching Stray Dog very seriously. She often writes her reports about the Stray Dog legends in her notebook and gives orders to the other members of the club to investigate.

When Wendy issued a Rule of Rose to the other orphans not to speak to Jennifer to make her feel isolated, Meg obliged by ignoring Jennifer all the time. Wendy's final Rule of Rose to murder Jennifer's pet dog Brown was also partially obliged by Meg. When Jennifer violently lashes out at Wendy and shows her hatred towards the other orphans, Meg seems frightened and guilty, shaking in fear behind her notebook.

Meg, along with the other orphans, chooses to elect Jennifer as their new Princess of the Red Rose, but shortly afterwards is murdered by Gregory M. Wilson as "Stray Dog" during the orphanage massacre.

Rule of Rose

Meg appears as a mental construct, as the game is a re-enactment of Jennifer's childhood set in her adult mind. As such, Meg is akin to a dream character, although from a real world perspective, there is a theory that posits figures in dreams are the true selves of the deceased, and it is unknown if the game's writers had this theory in mind.

Meg is among the rest of the orphans who abduct Jennifer and take her to the airship.


Meg criticizing Jennifer.

In the "Sir Peter" chapter, if Jennifer talks to Meg before meeting with Amanda, then she will fault Jennifer and Amanda for not having participated in today's search for Peter and announces that she will report to the Red Rose Princess.

In "The Bird of Happiness" chapter, Meg and Diana pulled a cruel prank on Eleanor by taking her bird, wrapping it up in her dress, and putting it in a box in a box in a box. They apparently did this, knowing that the bird may die from suffocation if Eleanor did not find it in time. Meg and Diana backtalked Eleanor, saying she "deserved" it and they don't really like her.

In "The Mermaid Princess" chapter, it is implied Eleanor and Meg took Hoffman's koi, sliced it in half, combined it with a doll to make the "Mermaid Doll" as mermaids do not really exist, and donated it as the Monthly Gift. Diana was in charge of caring for Hoffman's koi, so she was blamed by Hoffman. Diana blamed Jennifer.

Meg's chapter is "The Goat Sisters", which is also shared with Diana to a degree. The storybook for Meg, and to a lesser extent Diana, is entitled "The Goat Sisters." Meg fell in love with Diana, and in September of 1930, wrote her a love letter expressing her feelings. While Meg was away, Diana ripped the letter in half, humiliating her and mocking her when talking to Eleanor about the love letter. She kept one half of the letter and stuffed the other half into the stomach of a ragged goat doll. Diana told Meg that someone had taken the letter, and this made Meg become paranoid, as she couldn't find the halves of the letter and was afraid that someone else would read it.

Onion Bag

Onion Bag

Meg ordering Jennifer into the Onion Bag.

Her fears were confirmed when Jennifer found both halves of the letter and read it in full, embarrassing Meg and reducing her to tears, and also made Meg blame Jennifer for ripping it when Jennifer was innocent. As punishment for Jennifer's "actions", Meg stuffed Jennifer into an Onion Bag outside the orphanage, while she and the other orphans put an array of disgusting insects and horrible items in with her before abandoning her outside.


Meg is a prim girl with a certain preoccupation with rules; for example, her notebook contains lessons on how to properly curtsy. In her effort to please Diana and fit in with the Aristocrat Club, her devotion becomes "foolish", as Jennifer puts it, seeming to ignore the sociopathic, perhaps psychopathic, path the group's hazing has taken.

She is intelligent and articulate. Jennifer, perhaps condescendingly, thought of Meg as a "know-it-all", likely because Meg can be interpreted as having an elitist and arrogant attitude when it comes to her knowledge, as if she is superior to other people simply because she has more knowledge about certain topics.


Meg's torture invention, the Onion Bag.

Meg has the mechanical mind of an engineer or inventor, but uses her talents to create torture devices like the Torture Stick and "icky water", rather than improve conditions on the airship. One of her sketches, entitled "Torture Stick 2", depicts a decapitated goat head and limbs, illustrating the depths of her creative sadism.[1]

Despite Meg's role as antagonist, there's evidence that she's not all evil. Both Diana and Eleanor take advantage of her need for affection and perfection and thus her actions, although largely malevolent, could also be seen as the misguided, attention-seeking behavior of a neglected child.


Meg cowering in fear behind her notebook.

Compared to Diana and Eleanor, Meg seems to be the most empathetic, or at least, the most capable of emotional vulnerability. When she discovers Jennifer with her torn love letter, Meg is heartbroken and cries. Later, when Jennifer stands up to The Aristocrat Club, Meg is seen cowering in fear behind her notebook, whereas Diana and Eleanor are nonchalant, suggesting that Meg, unlike the others, has not yet learned to cope with stress by detaching from her surroundings.

It is known that Meg has an emotional connection with Diana ("I love you with all my heart"), though whether or not Meg's relationship with Diana has an underlying physical or sexual attraction is open to interpretation. Her devotion could be seen as simply the result of Diana's emotional manipulation and Meg's desperate need for affection.


Margaret has been an English name since the 11th century, becoming popular throughout the Middle Ages. It derives from the Greek words μαργαρίτης, which means "pearl" and μάργαρος, meaning "mother-of-pearl." Pearls are very rare treasures, just like Meg, who is gifted with tremendous intelligence and a talent in inventing. The term "pearl of wisdom" can also reflect her cleverness.

However, pearl oysters also have big, hard shells to protect themselves, which exactly represents Meg's nature and personality: she puts on a tough, proud persona to protect herself, keeping her self-disappointment inside.

Her name may also be an allusion to Margaret "Meg" March from the classic novel Little Women, which also shares some themes with Rule of Rose such as girls growing up, their camaraderie despite their rivalry, learning about societal expectations, etc. Meg March fulfills the role of the "perfect" woman from the time period, much like how Meg of Rule of Rose is a perfectionist. Meg March also teaches some children, while Meg of Rule of Rose acts like a teacher and helps Susan to read.


  • "O Diana, Diana! I love you with all my heart."
  • "In today's search for Sir Peter, the two absentees are Jennifer and Amanda. This will be reported to the princess. You will be duly punished."
  • "Sir Peter has run away. Jennifer and Amanda, you are to find him immediately."
  • "May I have your attention. This is a message from the Princess of the Rose. The message reads... Thus concludes the message from the Princess."
  • "You know what? I'll never get along with her. No chance, not ever!"
  • "I know what you're doing... You're looking for the bird of happiness, aren't you? It's in a room nearby, but I don't remember the room number..."
  • "No, I bet she'll be furious. She's going to go insane."
  • "It's a bet!"
  • "It's not here, either. If someone else finds it..."
  • "There must be something very important to you... Why don't you go find it?"
  • "Why do you have it?!"
  • "How could she? How could she do that to me? What did I ever do to her? I can't get along with girls like her..."
  • "It's into the onion bag for her!"
  • "Greetings, Princess Jennifer. Thank you very much for coming to our new Aristocrat Club."
  • "Now, Princess, please think up a new game."


  • Besides Diana, Meg may have also had feelings for Susan. In "The Funeral", when Hoffman calls the children to bed, they are seen holding hands.[2]
  • Unused images imply Meg was originally named Kate.[3]
  • An unused item in the game is Meg's eraser, which has "Meg ❤ Diana" written on it.[4]
  • There is evidence that supports Meg was written as Jennifer's foil: "What if Jennifer was part of the Aristocrat Club and became more twisted as a result?"
    • They are both blonde and wear green with knee-high socks.
    • Both are in lesbian relationships with a girl (Diana/Wendy), with Jennifer/Meg being the more innocent one and being manipulated by their partner.
    • Meg is portrayed as the most respectful and empathetic of the main three villain girls, giving Jennifer an extra curtsy before her death by Stray Dog. Meg treats Jennifer with the most respect (Jennifer is often ignored by Eleanor or told to get lost by Diana, but Meg speaks to Jennifer politely), and Meg shows emotion when Jennifer calls out the club for being dog killers.
    • Meg is the lowest in the "upper class" and is closer to Amanda and Jennifer than Diana and Eleanor are.
    • Meg is shorter than Diana and Eleanor, implying she is younger and closer in age to Jennifer. If one looks at the old photo, Meg and Jennifer are nearly the exact height.


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