The Mermaid Doll.

A slip of paper is peeking out of its tummy.

The Mermaid Doll is an object in Rule of Rose, found in the Mermaid Princess chapter after Jennifer defeats the Mermaid Princess. It was not obtained in Jennifer's inventory.

It is possible that it was used as the monthly gift considering the requested gift was an unmarried mermaid and the mermaid doll seemed to be the only option.

It is implied Eleanor and Meg took Hoffman's koi, sliced it in half, combined it with a doll to make the "Mermaid Doll" as mermaids do not really exist, and donated it as the Monthly Gift. Diana was in charge of caring for Hoffman's koi, so she was blamed by Hoffman. Diana, however, believed Jennifer was responsible.

The Fish Head and Doll Legs are the missing parts.


The Mermaid Doll.

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