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  • Articles must meet the notability criteria, or else they're unnecessary. If a staff member isn't a major contributor, or absolutely nothing is known about them other than their role, don't make an article for them, or else we'll have anywhere between 200-500 unnecessary articles:

    I'm fine with adding voice actors and major contributors, such as Yutaka Minobe, but don't add EVERY single staff member.

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    AlexShepherd closed this thread because:
    14:31, May 8, 2014
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    • I didn't blame anyone. But if you are talking about the categories in Clock Tower Wikia, when I blamed you for not paying attention to the articles put in the main categories, then yes, I saw it and added the same category for articles of the subcategories. You don't have any excuses considering you have been there for 4 years. Enough time to to fix it, in my opinion.

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    • Wikis are volunteer work. I'm not obligated to edit.

      You go to wikis, ignore their policies and admin requests, then blame it all on them and whine. So yes, you do.

      This discussion is over.

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  • Before making 100 edits, PLEASE contact an admin first.

    The weapons do not belong in the items category, as they have their own separate category for it.

    Now I must revert all of it.

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    • Actually, they do belong in the items category. They are in the inventory and can be used, so why not ?

      I'm just not gonna re-add the articles to the categories because YOU, MR. ADMIN GUY, would block me or even ignore me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Remember what I told you? Please pay more attention to galleries... this:

    is a duplicate of this:

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    • Alright then. I removed the image from Jennifer and Diana's gallery, but again, i tried and still don't know how to remove it from the wikia.

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    • A FANDOM user
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