The Sloppy Prince
Aliases Prince Nicholas
Social Rank Bourgeoisie
Gender Male
Age Child
Status Deceased
Hair color Blond
Eye color Grey/Hazel
Occupation Student/resident at Rose Garden Orphanage
Voice actor Susan Sheridan
I'm a shadow, I'm a shadow!
—Nicholas to Jennifer

Nicholas is a minor character in Rule of Rose. His best friend is Xavier and can usually be found sword fighting with him in a playful fashion.

In the airship, he is always either in the Turbines area or down the hall from the filth room. In the Rose Garden Orphanage, he can be found before the front door with Xavier.

He is a member of the of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club. Although he isn't seen bullying Jennifer much, he still drops a filthy object into the Onion Bag, and gives her the silent treatment during "The Funeral" chapter.

Nicholas was murdered by Gregory M. Wilson during the orphanage massacre.


Nicholas can be viewed as very strange, as he is seen standing in the hallway shouting "Go away! Go away!" and "I'm a shadow, I'm a shadow!" He is apparently very mischievous, as him and Xavier were known for playing pranks, and frightening the girls at the orphanage.

Nicholas appears very sloppy, hence his title as "The Sloppy Prince." He wears overalls with only one strap over his shoulder, and a cap.


The meaning of the name, Nicholas is "people of victory." This could refer to his victory in the pretend sword-fights that he and Xavier had.


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