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Sir Peter
Aliases Peter the Rabbit
Mr. Bunny (by Wendy)
Social Rank N/A
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Hair color White
Eye color Pink
Occupation Being a rabbit
Voice actor None
Mr. Bunny is gone!
—Wendy to Jennifer

Peter, also known as Sir Peter, Peter the Rabbit and Mr. Bunny by Wendy, is an albino rabbit in Rule of Rose. Like Brown or Eleanor's Bird, he is another one of the many non-human characters in the game.


Peter the rabbit... He was the pet that Wendy suddenly decided to take care of. It was about the same time that I started looking after Brown... I wonder if Wendy really loved Peter... Was she sad when she had to give him up...?
—Jennifer in Once Upon a Time

Wendy presumably decided to take care of Peter in order to get Jennifer jealous, as Jennifer had been neglecting Wendy to take care of Brown.

It is unknown if Wendy truly loved Peter, or if she was sad when she had to give him up. However, it is most likely that she did, considering how she begs Jennifer to rescue Peter when he is stolen from her, and the large amount of time she spends taking care of the rabbits.

Jennifer says Wendy had to "give him up". Peter's fate is left in ambiguity and it is unknown if the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club killed him.

Rule of Rose

The bloody bag.

Peter appears in the chapter "Sir Peter" as the gift of the month for the aristocracy. Imps are seen beating Peter in a bloody bag.

Later, Jennifer rescues Peter, and he is surprisingly alive. He hops into the Club Room.

The Aristocrats go outside and Diana is seen raising a blood-stained bag. It is unknown if this bag contains Peter (the chapter intro implies it does), and if Peter is dead or alive. The text calls it a "sacrificial ceremony", but it is unknown if this a real sacrifice or just the Aristocrats playing a "pretend" sacrifice.


The name "Peter" was most likely chosen for this character as a parallel to Wendy, as both Wendy and Peter are names of two of the main characters of the story, Peter Pan.

It is also possible that Peter was named after Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.


  • In Sir Peter chapter, the rabbit is stuck inside the gift Box. Jennifer can find it broken later, after having talked to Amanda. This implies that Peter escaped while Jennifer and Amanda were meeting together, or at least not long after or before that.
  • Peter seems to have caused some troubles in the orphanage since Wendy adopted him, running freely everywhere and leaving droppings behind him. It is unknown however if the aristocrats chased him regularly because of the problems he caused, or if they did that only one time, in order to use him for their ritual. Since orphans like Susan seem to dislike Peter, the first proposition sounds more probable.
  • A doll which seems to be Peter being hung can be found in the orphanage basement.