Rule of Rose Wiki
The rat (on the right)
Aliases None
Social Rank N/A
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Hair color Grey or brown
Eye color Black
Occupation Being a rat
Voice actor None

The rat is an animal in Rule of Rose. It is tied to a stick by the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club and is used to punish Jennifer.

Later on in the game, when Jennifer is forced to give Amanda the same torture, Jennifer realizes the rat died and passes out when she sees its body is covered in maggots.


The rat symbolizes helplessness, much like how Jennifer is helpless in the story. Because of this, the rat is very symbolic of Jennifer herself. There are moments in the game when Jennifer is also tied to a pole with rope, thus she and the rat are both forced into the same situation by the Aristocrats, bound by fate. The rat could represent a warning to Jennifer of what may happen to her. Hoffman, before his boss encounter, even calls Jennifer a "little rat".


  • The Torture Stick is an unused weapon in the game, featuring the rat's corpse. It may have been left out from the final game due to the weapon's cruel nature.