Red Crayon
Found with N/A
Find Target Pledge
Location Filth Room
Chapter The Funeral
Purpose Finds Pledge
The Red Crayon is said to be the mark of an Aristocrat.

The Red Crayon is an item and the symbol of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club. In the Funeral chapter, it leads Jennifer into the Cell of Repentance where she finds the Pledge.

It is something that the members of the Aristocracy would tantalize Jennifer and Amanda with, stating that they could become a member of the Aristocrats if they were given their very own red crayon.

The messages of the Aristocrats are always written in red crayon, as the red crayon is the sign of the Aristocracy.

In this case, the color red is symbolic. Jennifer states that the color red is the most beautiful color, yet, like the red crayon, the red rose, the red broach, and red blood, it comes with a price.