Rusty Sword
Location Gift box
Chapter Rag Princess Sews
Strength Very high
Range High
This was once a sharp and beautiful sword, but it's all rusty now.

The Rusty Sword is obtained by putting all 5 Knives (Baron, Earl, Marquis, Viscount, Duke) inside the Gift Box.

If the player is playing on a next playthrough, the player does not need to to do the side quest again, as it will be in the Rubbish Bin. On a next playthrough, the player can put the Rusty Sword into the gift box to obtain the Knight Rapier (or else the Rusty Sword will not be accepted).

It (and the Knight Rapier) seem to be the best weapon in the game, as the Knight Rapier appears to be a simple recolor and nothing more.

If the player wants to get the Knight Rapier on New Game ++ and over, they have to get the rusty sword again since the Knight Rapier doesn't reappears in the rubbish bin in the next playthrough.


This code works in PCSX2 for the North American version of the game. Hold L1, L2 and L3 and it will appear in the top left corner in the inventory.


Jennifer with the Rusty Sword

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