Stray Dog
I'm sorry, Joshua...

The Stray Dog is an enemy and the final boss in Rule of Rose during the "Stray Dog and the Lying Princess" chapter. He is the boss form of Gregory M. Wilson.


Stray Dog began as a rumor created by Wendy, as described in the "Stray Dog and the Lying Princess" storybook. She probably began it because she was bedridden and lonely, and if other children listened to her, she could receive attention. Eventually, the rumor was spread through the town by children. The rumor also led to the foundation of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club.

This subsequently led to another rumor: "The park is dangerous after dark. You'll be eaten by stray dogs. People who are eaten are confined to a zeppelin in the sky and can never leave."



Wendy (as Joshua) ordering Stray Dog.

He is shirtless in white underwear. He has plenty of red scratches, injuries, and rope-like burn markings all over his body, implying self-harm or abuse from Wendy. Around his neck is a noose, implying suicide, which Wendy drags like a leash. This implies Wendy found him just before he was about to kill himself, and she used him when he was the most mentally vulnerable.

He has a dazed-like expression, and moves and attacks on all fours like a dog, using no weapons other than his hands, which perform mostly lunge and claw-like attacks.

He is noticeably larger and bigger than a real human man, possibly symbolizing how Gregory looked to Jennifer when she was a child during the orphanage massacre: imposing, frightening and scary.



Brown confronts Stray Dog.

  • It is recommended to use the Lumberjack Axe against him in both encounters.
  • In the first encounter, the player can easily beat him by using the Lumberjack Axe.
Rule of Rose - Walkthrough (PCSX2) - Part 38 (Final Boss)

Rule of Rose - Walkthrough (PCSX2) - Part 38 (Final Boss)

Jennifer versus Stray Dog.

  • In the second encounter, the player can either use the Lumberjack Axe again to kill him to achieve the bad ending, or use Gregory's Gun when he says "I'm sorry, Joshua" to achieve the good ending (select "use" on the inventory screen). He then completes suicide.


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