Please make this game in ps3 that would be amazing! 17:05, January 11, 2012 (UTC)

rule of rose = psycho broken-hearted lesbians. 06:00, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

Considering there is a non-official novelization of RoR actually being sold, wouldn't it be more responsible to dedicate a paragraph about it in the game's page rather than a trivia entry?Y-project (talk) 18:37, July 1, 2019 (UTC)

Sold or not, it's unofficial. Literally anyone can sell fan content, or we'd have to list all the Rule of Rose doujinshi. —AlexShepherd 04:09, July 3, 2019 (UTC)

I have a couple of RoR doujinshis myself and they at least have a 'fanbook' mention written on it. This book doesn't.Y-project (talk) 18:26, July 4, 2019 (UTC)

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