The Bird of Happiness
The Bird of Happiness
Found with N/A
Find Target N/A
Location Club Room
Chapter The Bird of Happiness
Purpose Plot
A sad, sad story about the bird of happiness.

The Bird of Happiness is a storybook vital to Jennifer in remembering her promise in Rule of Rose. It is presented to her by "Joshua Wilson" (probably Wendy disguised as Joshua) in the Club Room along with The Goat Sisters and The Mermaid Princess. The girl and bird are symbolic of Eleanor and her bird.


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Once, a girl found a big box.

The Bird of Happiness was inside.

The bird would take her to Forever Land, or so she hoped.
Each box was smaller than the last.

In a cramped, dark space, she finally found her little bird.

But it was far too little, and far too late.

The bird was long dead.
It had met a bloody fate.

The End

The moral: everlasting happiness is a joke.

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