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Torture Stick
Location None
Chapter None
Strength N/A
Range N/A
Something foul-smelling is tied to the end.

The Torture Stick is a weapon in Rule of Rose, available only through hacking. The reason why the developers removed this weapon from the game is unknown, but most likely due to the weapon's cruel nature.

The punishment and tool was likely the invention of Meg as the Baroness is the one who dictates punishment and her lab is full of such designs and instructions like the "onion bag" and "how to make icky water". This is implied in unused data, which also shows that Meg was planning a "Rat Stick 2" with a decapitated goat head and dismembered goat legs.[1]

Jennifer holds the Torture Stick.

This item is used as a punishment within the aristocracy twice throughout the game, first used against Jennifer and, in the Sir Peter chapter, Amanda. When used on Jennifer, the rat tied to the weapon is still alive but when used on Amanda, the rat has since died and maggots infest its corpse causing both Jennifer and Amanda to faint at the sight of it.


This code works in PCSX2 for the North American version of the game. Hold L1, L2 and L3 and it will appear in the top left corner in the inventory.