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Me as Jennifer (give me some credit!)


Red eye makes it creepier.

(I live there)

My favorite pages

I really don't know why, but I absolutely love Olivia! I have practically written her entire page, and have poured by heart and soul into doing so. Olivia is a minor character, so I have to write every little thing I know about her.

The Red Crayon is a very symbolic element of Rule of Rose. The page only had one sentance when I first came across it, so I decided to write the rest.

Editing no-no's

The following is basically stuff you shouldn't do.

1. Punctuation almost always goes before quotes. This is a common mistake.

DO: Olivia said "You deserve to be gobbled up."

DON'T: Olivia said "You deserve to be gobbled up".

DO: I think it's really funny that Olivia said "You deserve to be gobbled up"!

DON'T: I think it's really funny that Olivia said "You deserve to be gobbled up!"

2. NO UNDERLINING (most of the time) OR STRIKE THROUGH (all the time!) ON NON-COMMUNITY PAGES D:

DO: Rule of Rose shares many similarities with Lord of the Flies.


3. Use speculation only when it is widely believed to be true. Don't say "Mr. Hoffman gave Clara an abortion" because this is only a theory based on minescule hints. Unless it is extremely widely believed, make sure to make it clear that it is speculation. For example: "Many fans believe that Jennifer was a child during the entire events of the game and only appeared to be a young woman because of her belief that she was more mature than the rest of the orphans. However, this is improvable."

4. Please don't use brackets { in place of parentheses, as it messes up formatting.

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