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The Lonely Princess
Aliases Princess Wendy
The Prince
The Kindhearted Girl
Social Rank Princess of the Red Rose
(Later dethroned)
Gender Female
Age Child
Status Deceased
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Occupation Student/resident at Rose Garden Orphanage
Voice actor Teresa Gallagher
My Prince in need of rescue - It was a pleasure to meet you, my dear Prince. What a wonderful encounter! Yes... I only wish there was a world for just you and I: the Prince and the Princess. Don't worry. I'll set you free.
—Wendy to Jennifer in a letter

Wendy is a character in Rule of Rose. She is introduced as a sweet and kind girl who is the only one pleasant to Jennifer, and could be thought of as Jennifer's childhood girlfriend due to scenes of them kissing each other and telling each other they love each other.

However, it is eventually revealed she has a secret darker side and she is arguably the main antagonist, and she is the reason behind much of Jennifer's suffering. The secret founder of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club, Wendy is perhaps the most sinister and cruelest club member of them all. Wendy uses her innocent appearance to her advantage in order to avoid suspicion.

Wendy is a frail sickly child who often coughs because of her unspecified sickness. She is often bedridden and is known as the "girl who always lays in her bed" or, to older Jennifer, as "The Lonely Princess."


A lot of Wendy's early history is unknown, except that she is an orphan at Rose Garden Orphanage.

In November 1929, Wendy explored the rural area outside of the orphanage when she found "The Gingerbread House" where Gregory M. Wilson lived. She saw a basement window, and inside, saw what appeared to be a boy, who was actually Jennifer dressed in Joshua's clothing. She started to pass notes through the window, presumably through a crack in the window, back and forth between herself and Jennifer, while eventually Jennifer revealed herself to be a girl. She and Wendy were such close friends that they nicknamed each other Prince and Princess, and Jennifer did not mind being the Prince.

One night (implied to be January 28, 1930), Wendy helped Jennifer escape the house and move into the orphanage. Just before leaving Gregory's house, she took his gun in a bag. She gave Jennifer her rose brooch in exchange for a stuffed bear.

The doll representing Wendy.

Wendy was the girl who started the Stray Dog rumors, leading to the foundation of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club. She probably began it because she was bedridden and lonely, and if other children listened to her, she could receive attention. After the incident when she rescued Jennifer, she told everyone in the orphanage the rumors about how Stray Dog would kidnap children. Due to the fright and curiosity that it caused them, they allowed her to become the Princess of the Red Rose. Due to Wendy being bedridden most of time, she was substituted with a doll resembling her.

Jennifer eventually found another companion - an abandoned puppy she later named Brown. Wendy became increasingly jealous because Jennifer gradually spent more time with Brown instead of Wendy, apparently considering Brown to be nothing more than a filthy animal. In a fit of rage, Wendy demanded that all of the orphanage belittle Jennifer and treat her poorly, so that she would eventually forget Brown and return to her side. This failed, however, so Wendy demanded that they kill Brown as a last resort.

In late November 1930, When Brown was killed and Wendy revealed herself to Jennifer as the Princess of the Red Rose, Jennifer slapped Wendy to the ground, telling her to "go away!" and swearing to never forgive her. Heartbroken and humiliated, Wendy ran out the room in tears. Wendy was dethroned from the Aristocracy, and Jennifer became the new Princess of the Red Rose.

On December 20, 1930, Wendy returned to the orphanage disguised as Joshua. Everyone saw Wendy outside, and the orphans of the home ran outside to presumably mock her. However, Wendy had a mentally unstable Gregory M. Wilson (Stray Dog) with her, whom she had trained to act like an animal and obey her orders. Stray Dog kills all of the orphans, excluding Jennifer who was still inside. It is likely that Wendy simply wanted to prove to the orphans Stray Dog as real and that she never intended for him to murder everyone, since Wendy says, "I brought Stray Dog here... But, I... I..." with a sad expression when she learns the orphans died.

After Jennifer saved herself from Stray Dog, she made it outside, where Wendy apologized in tears, and handed Jennifer the gun she took from Gregory's home. After that, Gregory noticed that the one imitating Joshua was not actually his son and dragged her inside the orphanage, killing her.

Rule of Rose

Years after the orphanage massacre, Jennifer has grown up but has forgotten her childhood memories. She apparently still carries Wendy's rose brooch with her.

Since the game is set in Jennifer's mind and much of it is a re-enactment of Jennifer's childhood memories, the Wendy seen in the game is akin to a dream character, although from a real world perspective, there is a theory that posits figures in dreams are the true selves of the deceased, and it is unknown if the game's writers had this theory in mind.

Wendy tending to the rabbits.

"Wendy" is first seen on the airship feeding the rabbits (excluding Wendy-dressed-as-Joshua, who is seen at the very beginning of the game). Caring for the rabbits may be one of the chores given to her by Martha Carol, or merely one of her favorite hobbies. Peter was Wendy's rabbit, and she obtained him around the same time Jennifer found Brown, but Wendy eventually had to give Peter away.

In the "Sir Peter" chapter, Peter goes missing and it is up to Jennifer to find him. She does so, and Wendy (as the Princess of the Red Rose) rewards Jennifer.

In the "Gingerbread House" chapter, which is Jennifer reliving her memories of living with Gregory, Jennifer becomes locked in Gregory's basement. Wendy, seeing Jennifer in Joshua's room, sneaks into the house and unlocks the door. Jennifer meets with Wendy, and just before they make their escape, Wendy swipes Gregory's pistol. In the rose garden, Jennifer exchanges stuffed bear she found inside Gregory's house with Wendy's rose brooch. Wendy then names the bear Joshua.

Wendy crying on the floor.

In the "Rag Princess Sews" chapter, Amanda accuses Wendy of stealing Joshua the bear. In Wendy's room, Jennifer finds her lying on the floor, out of bed. Helping her back into bed, Wendy reveals that the Aristocrats came and accused her of stealing Joshua the bear. Since Wendy is "Joshua", this is true in a way.

In "The Funeral" chapter, when the orphanage becomes swarmed with Imps, Jennifer sees Wendy through a window. The door to the courtyard is shut and after defeating various types of Imps scattered through the orphanage, the door becomes unlocked. In the courtyard, Wendy tells Jennifer that an important Aristocrat Club meeting is about to take place. Jennifer reads the storybook entitled "The Funeral", and when she is finished, she realizes that Brown and Wendy have disappeared.


Brown's Death

Jennifer confronts Wendy.

In the club room, Jennifer has a hallucination of Brown's corpse. The Aristocrats appear, and Wendy reveals to Jennifer that she is the Princess of the Red Rose. Amanda whispers into Jennifer's ear that Brown is dead and points towards a bloodied sack with a large lump inside. Jennifer, fueled with rage, slaps Wendy several times, calling her a liar and vows to never forgive her. Jennifer then stands up to the Aristocrats, calling them monsters for siding with Wendy, and throws her rose brooch towards them. Wendy, humiliated and heartbroken, runs out the room sobbing.

In the "Stray Dog and the Lying Princess", Susan sees Wendy outside the orphanage window. The girls, prepared to go outside and ridicule Wendy, head outside the orphanage. Jennifer, however, decides to stay inside. This is when Stray Dog, who came to the orphanage with Wendy, kills everyone. Jennifer hears screaming outside and silently stands in fear of what to do. Suddenly, the front door to the orphanage opens. Joshua and Gregory are there, and Gregory is now "Stray Dog". Joshua sets him to attack Jennifer and after a battle, Brown (symbolically making her stronger) aids Jennifer.

Wendy giving Jennifer Gregory's gun.

After defeating Gregory, Jennifer proceeds outside to find Joshua. Joshua reveals to Jennifer that he is actually Wendy, and she tells Jennifer that she brought Stray Dog for her own selfish reasons. Wendy apologizes and gives Jennifer Gregory's gun. Gregory, still alive, kills Wendy and faces Jennifer once more.

In the "Once Upon a Time" chapter, Jennifer seems to feel sorry for Wendy, stating that she was "always so lonely". In the end, she locks Wendy inside her memories, as she does Brown and the rest of the children of the orphanage, remembering her for the good times they had together, rather than her wrongdoings.


Wendy, sick in bed.

Wendy is initially seen as admirable, sweet and caring, and is the only one who is nice to Jennifer - at least for a while. She appears innocent because of her gentle and frail appearance, yet there is a dark side to her that makes her cruel and secretive, and she is incredibly two-faced.

Wendy and Jennifer were the best of friends. Wendy had to stay in the sick room due to her frail health, which was why she was always lonely and had few friends. This caused her to be unhealthily obsessed and infatuated with Jennifer, to the point of wanting no one to have Jennifer's attention but herself. It also likely contributed to her attention-seeking personality.

Wendy can be perceived as extremely possessive, insecure, and envious. This is first shown when young Jennifer introduces Brown to her. Wendy hides her jealousy and anger over Jennifer's attachment to the dog, and instead, temporarily accepts it and considers the dog of no importance. Despite the jealousy that festered inside of her, Wendy may be viewed as misguided, overprotective, and clingy; rather than truly evil and malevolent. Her over-protectiveness may have even been a result of her losing something very important in her life, although apart from being an orphan, there is nothing in the game to suggest this. Wendy seems very desperate for love and affection, possibly due to being an orphan with no sources of love in her life.

"I will serve you, Princess. Just... kiss me, please."

Due to how envious Wendy becomes of Brown, it is heavily implied that Wendy was in love with Jennifer, due to Jennifer calling herself Joshua when they first met and naming herself Wendy's prince and also making an "everlasting love" pact with one another. It isn't known however if Jennifer felt the same way for Wendy. Wendy's feelings may also be an overreaction to her loneliness, rather than being truly in love or her having an innocent wish of true friendship and companionship.


The name Wendy was a created name in J. M. Barrie's 1904 play Peter Pan. It was from the nickname "fwendy" (friend), given to the author by a young friend. This can relate to the friendship between Wendy and Jennifer, and - ironically - her unfriendly behavior when Brown comes along. Likewise, Jennifer can be seen as symbolic of Peter Pan (for more info, see Jennifer's Trivia).

Wendy also relates to the Welsh name Gwendolen, meaning "white, fair, blessed." These elements can relate to her physical looks, or it could be in reference to her sinful, cruel behavior in the game compared to her innocent appearance. The "white" meaning also appears in Jennifer's name.


W & J Letters

  • "To Mr. Joshua, the bear in distress. My name is Wendy. I always watch you from the sky. Mr. Joshua, why are you trapped down there?"
  • "Let's run away together. You can leave it all to me. Everything will be alright."
  • "...Oh my poor kind prince. You're worried because that man sometimes seems crazy, right? Well don't worry. I know where he hides that awful thing of his. So let's run away together. You can leave it all to me. Everything will be all right."
  • "Please don't worry, I'll do anything for you. Just... pledge your love for me. That's all I ask."
  • "Tomorrow night, I shall unlock your shackles. Let us live together forever."
  • "My Dear Jennifer, there is nothing to fear. I am always by your side. I will never betray you. We made an oath remember?"
  • "Thank you for introducing me to Brown. …But, such a filthy dog is not a good match for you and me. Just give it to Nicholas or something, and let's just be content with the two of us."
  • "Is Brown that important to you? It's just a dog. A filthy animal. Please stop sharing your wonderful smile with that thing... Please smile only at me."
  • "Jennifer the Heartless, why didn't you come? I waited and waited for you. Why can't I see you every morning? I think only of you… Are you avoiding me?"
  • "Yes, you are my Prince. A Prince and a Princess must be together, after all, Jennifer, you are my eternal companion. Just promise to stay by my side, and save your smiles for me. That's all I ask. We don't need a filthy dog! We can't let anyone come between us."
  • "You still have that filthy dog? I'll never forgive you. Have you forgotten your oath, the rule of rose? Good-bye, Jennifer. You will regret choosing that dog over me."

Rule of Rose

  • "Jennifer, you know you've been a bad, bad girl. And, bad girls need to be punished, don't they?" (disguised as Joshua)
  • "Now, I'm going to give you your first order. Every month, you need to find a gift and bring it to the Aristocrat Club. If you don't, I'll kill you. Is there anything about this that you don't understand?" (disguised as Joshua)
  • "Hmm. Oh well, it's doesn't really matter what you say. You see, Jennifer, there are really only two kinds of people in the world: those who take orders, and those who give them. And from now on, I'll be giving the orders. Not fair? Well, dear Jennifer, nothing's fair here. You will follow my orders, or else, for I am the Prince, and the Prince rules! This is YOUR life, but you'll play by MY rules! Let the games begin, dear Jen-ni-fer!" (disguised as Joshua)
  • "You're the new girl, aren't you? I'm Wendy. It's nice to meet you."
  • "No one wants to be alone."
  • "I came, just like I promised... Stay right there. I'll help you out."
  • "I'm so glad... Now, we can always be together! Say, I have a favor I wanted to ask... Will you trade your teddy bear with my broach?"
  • "I'm so happy! ...I'll cherish him as much as I cherish you."
  • "So, let's renew our pact... Everlasting true love, I am yours."
  • "Thank you... After promising to take care of him... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..."
  • "So this is your new friend, huh? It's so filthy, but adorable... Oh, yes. Jennifer, there will be an Aristocrat Club meeting after this. Today will be the most wonderful day. I hope you enjoy it."
  • Because you wouldn't love me... Because you were so stubborn... I brought you here. Because you fell in love with Brown... Because you didn't realize it was me... I brought Stray Dog here... But, I... I... Please, stop him with this... Only you and your beloved dog can stop him... I'm sorry..."
  • "Jennifer? Where are you going? Please... don't leave me."


Wendy's drawing.

Wendy's drawing of a rabbit, presumably Peter.

  • There is unused audio of Wendy (as Joshua) tormenting Jennifer.[1]
  • There is an unused animation of Jennifer being thrown to the floor and being hugged by Wendy.[2][3]
  • There is an unused animation of Gregory comforting a sad Wendy/Joshua.[4]
  • Wendy drew a picture of herself with Jennifer dressed as Joshua, found in her airship room. She also drew a rabbit, likely Peter. Humorously, Wendy seemed to have difficulty writing "rabbit".
  • Wendy seems to harbor ill feelings towards Amanda, considering how Wendy rules over the club and lets Amanda be treated like garbage. The reason why is unknown as their relationship is not explored in-depth. The animosity seems to be reciprocated, as seen when Amanda accuses Wendy of stealing Joshua the bear.
  • Although it is obvious that Wendy is a sick child, due to her coughing fits and the large amount of time she spends in bed, it is not known what illness she has. She appears to have an extremely weak immune system, which could possibly explain why she was so often ill. Some of the diseases she might have contracted so often might have been pertussis or bronchitis, which could be the reason for her coughing episodes.
    • Because of how sick Wendy is, it could be thought that she should be staying at a hospital instead of an orphanage, especially because it is unknown what she is afflicted with and how contagious it is.
    • It is possible that her prolonged contact with Joshua the Bear (i.e., the real Joshua's old teddy bear) gave her Joshua's respiratory disease.
    • It is alternatively possible that Wendy was never sick and/or faked her sickness. Her sickness in-game could be representative of how love-sick she was for Jennifer, after Jennifer became more and more distant.
  • Many players comment that watching Jennifer slap Wendy is a very satisfying experience, perhaps the most satisfying experience in the entire game.
  • Much of the game parallels Lord of the Flies, although this was not an inspiration for the game. Initially, Wendy can be compared to Simon and as the game progresses, she can be compared to Jack.

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  • J's Diary - A shared diary between Wendy and Jennifer that is not accessible in the game


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