The Gluttonous Prince
Aliases Prince Xavier
Social Rank Bourgeoisie
Gender Male
Age Child
Status Deceased
Hair color Red
Eye color Grey
Occupation Student/resident at Rose Garden Orphanage
Voice actor James Daniel Wilson
Does paper taste good? They say goats love to eat it. All right, I'll give it a try later.
—Xavier to Jennifer while eating with a pig.

Xavier is a minor character of Rule of Rose. He is one of the three boys at the Rose Garden Orphanage.

He is a member of the of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club. Although he isn't seen bullying Jennifer much, he still drops a filthy object into the Onion Bag, and gives her the silent treatment during "The Funeral" chapter.

Xavier is known for being quite clumsy, as in the "Once Upon a Time" chapter, Jennifer states that he would often slip while the orphans were playing in the mud puddles outside. He also once states that he wants to out eat a pig, as he apparently considers the pig his arch rival.

Xavier is also shown as irresponsible and/or inconscient. Indeed, he is responsible for accidentally shutting the orphanage/airship's power down during 'Rag Princess Sews' chapter, since he tried to take the power lever and use it as a sword.

He is best friends with Nicholas, the only one of two other boys at the orphanage, and enjoys sword fighting with him. Xavier is known for being somewhat mischievous, as he and Nicholas were known for pulling pranks.

In the "Rag Princess Sews" chapter, he causes a power outage by shutting off one of the generators and breaking off the lever, leaving Jennifer in the dark.

He was murdered by Gregory M. Wilson during the orphanage massacre.


The meaning of the name Xavier is "bright; splendid." This could be ironic, as it clashes with his somewhat dimwitted personality and actions.


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